True Feed Forward Power Amplifier High Speed and Zero Distortion for a truly neutral and high definition sound

The architecture of Stereo Power Amplifier is original and unique. The main power amplifier (class AB operated) is paired with an auxiliary correction amplifier (low power and class A operated), which, by means of a powerful error correction mechanism that synergetically combines feed-back and feed-forward, virtually eliminates all forms of distortion on the output signal delivered to the load (speaker system)

Single channel TFF Power amplifier module

Class AB Main Power Amplifier Detail

Class A Auxiliary Amplifier Detail

TFFPA Top View

TFFPA Protptype C rear panel view

High Performance Preamplifier Block Diagram

Preamplifier under test

Third generation Dual Channels Volume control board based on 1024 points R2R network switched by reed relays

Inputs/Outputs control board

Preamplifier Backplane

First generation Dual Channels Volume control board under test